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Wireless and Network Testing

Racks and enclosures for test equipment in ICT

5G networks need to handle a variety of types of data traffic including enhanced mobile broadband, massive machine communication, and low-latency, high-reliability applications. Test equipment OEMs and network equipment providers offer and use test devices to validate and verify telecom network devices in labs as well as to validate and monitor telecommunication networks and fiber optics in the field.

To protect deployed test equipment, nVent SCHROFF provides racks and enclosures for applications such as:

  • Lightweight, portable standalone subracks with large potential display area that can house sensitive electronics for testing high-speed networks in the field.
  • Small form factor cases including EMC shielded versions with passive cooling and rubber frames for grip – even when stacked or used on a surface.

Check out our off-the-shelf components

PXI Express, PXIe

PXIe-/ PXI-Platform

small form factor cases, breadboard case

Small form factor cases

19" Chassis

Compect case,19" Desktop Case

19" Desktop Case

Electronics Cabinets


Telecommunication mast TV antennas with blue sky in the morning

Network test systems with touchscreen

A portable 19 inch standalone subrack, with large display area for testing and verifying high-speed network elements. Technology: Proprietary system...

Testing wireless communication units

nVent SCHROFF Interscale chassis for single board computers allow flexibility in terms of dimensions, cutouts, mounting, and individual branding. Technology...
Telecommunication tower with 5G cellular network antenna on city background

Single board case for 5G network testing

The system has been developed to analyze the digital bitstream (I/Q data) on the fiber interface between the BBU and...


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Test Reports

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