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Test and Measurement Solutions

Racks and enclosures to protect your test equipment

Choosing the optimal hardware platform for your test system design can be a daunting task. At nVent, we understand this challenge well. For decades nVent SCHROFF has developed high-quality racks and enclosures for OEMs and end-users to protect the sensitive electronics that make up high-end test systems.

Whatever physical challenges your test system is faced with, be it reduced footprint, increased heat dissipation, or environments with shock & vibration, our technical experts are ready to collaborate to deliver the best solution for your application.

We are committed to supporting engineers, scientists, and researchers in developing innovative test systems that accelerate innovations such as 5G, autonomous driving, the Internet of Things, and network security.


Explore the interactive hotspots below to see application-specific products, resources, and more.

test equipment, test and measurement


  • Functional tests along the production line
  • Quality assurance tests
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telecommunication network


  • Lab and Manufacturing test
  • Field Network measurements
  • LTE & 5G test
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automotive test and measurement


  • Autonomous driving simulation
  • Wireless connectivity tests
  • Driver assistance systems tests
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medical test and measurement


  • Tests for controlling hardware, sensors, and software
  • Recording, analyzing application data
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defense, aerospace test

Defense & Aerospace 

  • Test for radar, avionics, navigation, satellite communications
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physics test and measurement


  • Test equipment in big science labs
  • Particle accelerator physics
  • Astro particle physics
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Highly flexible and cost-effective enclosure solutions

Our racks and enclosures can accommodate small devices such as ATX boards or Computer-on-Modules, typically used to test dedicated signals or connections such as WiFi and Bluetooth. Beyond that, we offer modular hardware that can accommodate AXIe, PXIe, cPCIe boards, which are often used in test equipment for functional testing of complex products in manufacturing or other applications.

nVent SCHROFF offers project management, development, prototype, testing, certification, pre-production, and series production under one roof.

New Products

Electronics Cabinet with MTCA, Rack cooling distribution

Air/Water Heat Exchanger with 5 or 10 kW Cooling Performance 

For applications requiring a fully enclosed cabinet, nVent SCHROFF offers a cost-effective cooling solution with the new LHX 5 kW and 10 kW air/water heat exchanger including a control unit. 


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embedded systems, PXIe, PXI Express System, PXI Express Controller

PXIe Embedded Controller 

nVent improved the performance of its compact PXIe Embedded Controller for use in PXI Express test and measurement applications.

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PXI, PXI Express, PXIe, PXI Express System

PXI Express Systems Expansion

nVent expands its product portfolio with an 18-slot SCHROFF PXI Express. The use of standard modules guarantees a high degree of flexibility and enables an economical adaptation of the system solution to the customer's requirements.

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Computer on Module Nano System

COM Nano System is a powerful computer that measures 140 mm × 115 mm × 45 mm and works with all common PC interfaces.

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Why nVent SCHROFF?

Integration and Customization

In addition to our various enclosure series, we also offer pre-assembled and customized solutions, including cut-outs, labels and electronic integrations. For further services, such as backplane design, thermal simulation and EMC or shock and vibration tests, our experts are happy to assist you.

Case Studies

From humble to harsh environments, we safeguard vital electrical measuring instruments and electronic test equipment with racks and enclosures, thermal management and accessories to help keep operations up and running smoothly. See how we connect and protect your electrical and electronic test equipment.


Testing wireless communication units

nVent SCHROFF Interscale chassis for single board computers allow flexibility in terms of dimensions, cutouts, mounting, and individual branding. Technology...
experimental physics, test and measurement

Data traffic in the European XFEL

MicroTCA systems meet the increased demands in accelerator physics for signal processing capacity and reliability. Company: Located in Hamburg, Germany...


On-Demand-Webinar: Test and Measurement Trends

In this webinar, we talk about the latest trends in the Test and Measurement world, and how you need to adapt your enclosure accordingly.

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Article @Evaluation Engineering

Autonomous driving places increasing demands on the simulation, testing, and measurement tasks, but also affects the enclosure and cabinet solutions of the testing systems.

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