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Small Form Factor and Rugged Cases

Big Protection for Small Form Factor Electronics

Whether your electronics has an customer specific form factor or should be operated under harsh environments, nVent SCHROFF will provide you the optimal enclosure solution.  We have a variety of small form factor and rugged solutions to connect and protect your electronics.  

Small Form Factor Cases

Small Form Factor Cases, breadboard case, board enclosure

  • Interscale - nVent SCHROFF´s most flexible sheet metal enclosure with integrated EMC-shielding. Configure exactly what you need out of standardized and pre-defined components, or contact us for customized solutions based on this innovative platform.
  • Minipac - Convenient and robust small case to accomodate standardised and non-standardised PCBs. Usable as desktop enclosure or wallmount


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Small Form Factor Components

Small Form Factor Components, interscale

Accessories for Interscale Small Form Factor Enclosures include:

  • Fan or conduction cooling solutions
  • Mounting brackets
  • Feet and much more

Small Form Factor Rugged Cases

Small form factor Rugged Cases, rugged enclosure

nVent SCHROFF IP-Pro Alu EMC, flexible and proven rugged aluminum die-cast enclosure family for harsh environments. Provides reliable protection for small form factor or proprietary electronics in challenging environmental conditions:

  • Available in 15 standard sizes, with an weather resistant powder coating
  • Ingress protection against water and dust with up to IP67
  • Excellent shielding effectiveness against electromagnetic interferences (EMI)
  • High protection from mechanical impacts
  • Shock and vibration resistant PCB and cable fixing concepts on request
  • Mechanical modifications and optimal heat dissipation concepts on request


Rugged Enhanced Cases

Rugged Cases, rugged solutions

VITA compliant rugged conduction cooled enclosures:

  • Full IP / EMC gasketing options for rugged environments
  • Optimized thermal perfromance
  • Customized to meet application requirements
  • Design and thermal modeling services available

Digital Design Tools

Small Form Factor Configurator (Interscale)

  • Selector type tool

  • Guides you through key decisions in the design process

  • Includes options for case and PCB dimensions, color, feet or mounting brackets, passive or active cooling, I/O cutouts, painting and printing. 

  • Quickly provides relevant information to our design team and includes the request for quote

  • Takes less than 5 minutes to complete

Small Form Factor Configurator, interscale

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