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Land Based Vehicles

Performance and Dependability for Mission Critical Applications

Whether for sustainment or modernization, nVent SCHROFF’s rugged offering is well suited for protecting critical applications such as integrated battle communications, logistics and fleet operations, and radar systems.

Product Portfolio

Toolless & Torque Limiting Card-Loks

Designed for second level and field maintenance applications where a module needs to be removed and re-installed often without specialized tools.

VITA Conduction Cooled Assemblies

Optimized clamshell and heat frame designs to get more heat out of the board.

High Thermal Sawtooth Card-Lok

Best in class thermal performance in a small profile Card-Lok

Board Tolerance Compensating Extractors

VITA compliant extractor with spring PAWL design that compensates for board tolerances, puts positive pressure on pins during Card-Lok actuation and can be operated with a gloved hand.

Rugged VPX Systems

Protect your VPX electronics for land-based vehicles with enhanced shock and vibration resistance​.

Product Spotlight: Rugged VPX Systems

Titan COTS – For HighShock and Vibration Applications


For rugged applications within the mobile aerospace and defense industry, nVent offers the nVent SCHROFF Titan COTS system with enhanced shock and vibration resistance. This 19″ VPX system is mechanically based on the SCHROFF EuropacPRO type R subrack and can withstand shock loads up to 25g and vibrations up to 3g.

Rugged System VME64x

Best in class signal integrity for highest data transfer rates with nVent SCHROFF VPX backplanes

Supports latest VPX standard with link speeds to 10.3125 Gbaud data rate

Optional heat dissipation with front-to-back forced air cooling and fan speed control

Front cooling panel is easily removed for maintenance and accessability

Simple and quick adaptations with modular construction

Design Tools & Services

Subrack Configurators

Front Panel Configurator

Wedge-Lok Configurator

Design and Testing Services




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