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Industrial Function and Quality Testing

Racks and Enclosures for Industrial Test Equipment

The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) enables recording of machine and process metrics over the entire production process. It contributes towards improved operating efficiency and production quality. In-process testing during manufacturing can check many functions and key metrics in a small span of time. The availability of this data in real-time across production lines can significantly reduce downtime and maintain optimal performance conditions. The smooth integration of electronics and mechanics plays an important role in keeping test equipment operational. nVent SCHROFF addresses the particular need for EMC protection, cooling, robustness, and remote monitoring and control of your hardware.



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19" Desktop Case

19" Desktop Case

PXI Express, PXIe

PXIe-/ PXI-Platform

Embedded COM System

Embedded COM System

small form factor cases, rugged enclosure, breadboard case

Wall Mount Cases

Power Distribution unit, intelligent Power Distribution unit, iPDU, rack PDU

Power Management


CNC highly accuracy vision automatic measuring system

MicroTCA system for machine vision

The system is a highly scalable platform for sophisticated machine image and video processing applications for automation, medical, transportation and...
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Desktop Case for non-contact vibration analysis

Test system for highly-precise non-contact vibration analysis of microstructures using large, industrial test objects. Challenge The case had to be...
Industry 4.0 concept, smart factory with icon flow automation and data exchange in manufacturing technologies.

Test system for manufacturing facilities

Small Form Factor Desktop Case to house a test system for manufacturing facilities. Challenge The customer needed a standard platform...
robotic arms in a car plant

Multi-frequency sorting inspection

Front side Ratiopac PRO 4U, back side Ratiopac Pro Air 3 U. 3 fans with integrated Fan Control Unit. Mounted...


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We test our products under extreme environmental influences, such as high-temperature differences or vibrations.

Integrated Solutions

Our expertise! Learn more about our mechanical and electronics integration capabilities.



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Low cost version of MicroTCA systems for industrial applications


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