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Embedded Systems

Embedded COM Systems: Modular, Powerful, Versatile

COM Express modules, standardized by PICMG, are embedded systems designed to support the latest signals such as HDMI, Gigabit Ethernet, USB 2.0 & 3.0 and PCI Express. This versatility makes COM Express ideal for lab and field use.

Based on a modular computer-on-module (COM) carrier for type 6 COM express modules, the embedded system incorporates a case combining cooling and power management functions, the COM carrier and the COM module.

In addition, COM Express offers multiple options for customization:

  • Interfaces can be adjusted based on requirements
  • Slots for various expansion boards
  • Efficient, low-interference power supply
  • Choice of integration level
  • Ingress protection is possible from IP 55 to IP 67
  • Flexible cooling design for forced air cooling or passive cooling applications
  • The height, width and depth of the case is adjustable

The innovative case features integrated cooling, power management and EMC protection.

Specific heat sink geometries for different applications
Thermal connection from the COM heat spreader to the heat sink with EMC gaskets on thermal adapter
Easy removal of front and rear panel

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A COM carrier is a carrier board to which a computer-on-module is plugged. The use of COM modules reduces development costs and saves time.

All I/O interfaces are provided on the nVent SCHROFF carrier board. For new product development, this means standardized COM modules from different manufacturers can be used along with either the standard or a customized COM carrier from nVent SCHROFF.

The nVent SCHROFF COM carrier provides common computer interfaces and features slots for various expansion boards. Expansion boards are inserted parallel to the carrier and include additional features such as a MiniPCI Express interfaces for connecting graphics cards, hard drives or wireless modules. Other expansion boards include a postcode module for debugging hardware and software, a prototype module for integrating additional functions using the GPIOs of the COM module or fieldbus modules for connecting to industry fieldbuses. Additionally, nVent provides an interface for a PMC or an XMC module using these kinds of expansion boards.

Also built on COM Express technology are nVent SCHROFF’s PXI and PXI Express (PXIe) embedded controllers for test and measurement applications. Integrating a processor, chipset, memory and hard drive, the controllers are available in standard and customizable formats.

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COM Express, computer on module

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