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Data Center and Networking Solutions

Trusted Data Center And Networking Solutions For A Connected World

The speed of changing technology creates significant new challenges for connecting and protecting data center and network infrastructure. Achievements of increased processing capacity, reducing data latency and reduced operational costs are met with both expected and unexpected consequences.

Multi-vendor systems create complexity. Busy connection pathways are stressed to their limits and new security threats emerge daily. Ever-expanding IT and communication requirements demand remote solutions at the edge of the network. The highest amount of data and network availability is crucial in today’s connected world. Our modular and broad portfolio combined with design and project support enables you to finalize your project on time and to ensure data and network availability.


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Protection For In-Building Networks, Campus And Industrial Sites As Well As Small To Hyperscale Data Centers

Content streaming, online banking, cloud computing, sophisticated smartphone apps, eCommerce, industrial automation. These are just a few examples of applications that are fueling data processing and traffic demand in data centers throughout the world. Emerging technologies, such as Artificial Intelligence, telemedicine, machine learning, autonomous vehicles, and other real-time modeling applications will accelerate demand further and require new approaches.

data center infrastructure, data center management

Data Center White Space

Optimizing data centers for peak performance throughout the entire operation is a challenge. You have to constantly assess and ensure that every part of the system functions at the proper levels of reliability, efficiency, and safety. An outage of just a few seconds can mean a catastrophe. That’s why we provide reliable solutions to ensure uninterruptible performance.

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high performance computing

High-Performance Computing

The use of high-performance computing has expanded from purely academic and scientific applications into commercial areas. Simulations and model calculations are performed, elaborate graphics and film sequences are generated, virtual realities are created, financial transactions are monitored or business analyses are created.

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network infrastructure, in building networks

In-Building Networks

The network is changing.  Whether it's the key to your company's competitive advantage or keeping your customers and employees connected, your network is critical to moving your business forward.  At nVent, we have designed our solutions to not only meet the needs of today's changing network but also to give you the flexibility and control to take advantage of future technologies. 

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edge computing, computing power

Edge Computing

Autonomous driving or smart traffic are just two examples of several new applications that require the shortest response times, highest security, and uninterrupted availability. Our edge solutions are designed to provide exactly this. They can store, process, and distribute large amounts of data securely and precisely in real-time.

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high end protection

High-End Protection

Our high-end solutions for harsh environments offer a broad product portfolio necessary to endure the environmental and mechanical rigors found in oil and gas, mining, manufacturing, transportation, energy, and many other industries.

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coolant distribution unit, data center

Without CDU you cannot liquid Cool

The Coolant Distribution Unit is exactly what is says it is, It simply pumps the liquid at the desired temperature directly onto the chip or server. This can be seen as the middle-man for the cooling infrastructure to the IT.

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Product Portfolio

Our innovative product platforms are designed to accommodate increases in computing power per footprint and the packing density of your communications equipment. Our comprehensive range of data center infrastructure and networking products offers racks and cabinets, active and passive cooling solutions, cable and power management, and monitoring products. Our solutions are based on standard designs – tailored to meet your specific requirements.

Server And Networking Racks

Power Management And Distribution

Cable Management

Monitoring And Management

Electronics Cabinets

Wall-Mount Enclosures

Air Conditioners

Varistar CP Server And Networking Cabinet

Connect And Protect Your IT Assets

  • Pre-engineered server racks: Proofed concepts at quick availability
  • Maximum fixing flexibility: Unique meander type profile for accessories integration
  • Outstanding cable management: Avoid air resistance, strains bends, and pressure points to ensure performance
  • Space utilization: Cabinet dimensions need to meet your requirements, that is why you can configure according to your demand
  • Stability: Trust in a tested static load of 1,600 kg and 1,000 kg dynamic load with integrated castors
  • Access control: Mechanical design in combination with a locking system ensures access security to 100%
  • Power management: Integrated, reliable power distribution and management
  • Reduce your setup time: One tool required as all screws TORX 30
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Guardian Management Gateway

Intelligent Control Unit

The nVent SCHROFF Guardian Management Gateway is an environmental monitoring platform designed to sense, track, store, and alarm health and security parameters in an IT infrastructure.

  • Compact design fits anywhere in a rack
  • Web browser GUI for setup, monitoring, and maintenance
  • Three management ports to connect external sensors and Modbus devices
  • Up to 16 sensors per management port with a total cable length of up to 40 m
  • Auto orientation LCD touch display
  • Supports industry-standard network protocols (HTTPS, SNMP, SMTP, BACnet, Modbus/TCP, and HPI)
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Service Support For Your Project

With a network of qualified field installation and repair technicians around the world, nVent offers unparalleled cooling support and services to quickly restore your system. Depend on us for local customer service, regional spare parts inventories, and competitive standard warranties. Extended warranties and preventive maintenance are also available.

  • Logistic service
  • Onsite Installation
  • Services for:
    • Cabinets
    • Containments
    • Coolers
  • Onsite installation/connection of cooler supply
  • Commissioning and set up coolers
  • Aftersales services: Maintenance coolers
  • Service support for outdoor, railway, telecom

RackPower Configurator

Design your power solution

PDU Configuration, custom PDU


RackChiller Rear Door Calculator

Calculate your cooling performance


Aisle Containment Configurator

Specify your cold aisle containment system


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