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Core Network

Design your core network

nVent SCHROFF's infrastructure products provide the versatility, adaptability, and responsiveness to ensure a seamless service experience across fixed and wireless access technologies in central office local and regional telecommunication data center.


Higher complexity and thermal loads per cabinet lead to increased cooling and energy requirements. Multi-vendor systems create complexity. New security threats emerge daily. The modular, compatible, and scalable nVent SCHROFF product platforms help you achieve your goals and over-come these evolving challenges. We combine our modular components to create tailor-made systems specifically suited to your needs.

Varistar CP Server And Networking Cabinet

Orthogonal Chassis

Cooling Solutions

Aisle Containment

AdvancedTCA System

Power Management And Distribution

Design Tools & Services

Test Reports

We test our products under extreme environmental influences, such as high-temperature differences or vibrations.

RackPower Configurator

Online request form with pre-selected configurations. 

RackChiller Rear Door Calculator

Calculate Your Cooling Performance

Aisle Containment Configurator

Request through an online form your individual cold aisle containment

Everything You need to know

Cooling Solutions - Brochure

Aisle Containment - Sell Sheet

Varistar CP - Sell Sheet

RackPower iPDU - Brochure

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