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In-Building Network

Connect and Protect your network

5G mobile networks will rapidly evolve into virtualized, multi-vendor, extremely dense heterogeneous networks that will form the basis for next-generation transport. 5G mobile networks are used in DAS, small-cell, and macro-cell networks to move functionality from base stations to "standard" servers in data centers, which can simplify network management and operations. Wireless scenarios will be at the forefront of these new architectural, design, and operational trends, with RF distribution systems for these wireless deployments evolving rapidly, building on and extending existing topologies. nVent can help you design your solutions for in-building networks with 5G connectivity within buildings, with the ability to bring multiple technologies together over a single, simplified infrastructure.

simple way to design your in-building network

Information technology today must go everywhere the work is, including tight spaces, high traffic areas, and challenging environments. nVent offers one of the industry’s widest array of electronic cabinets, accessories and modification options, cooling solutions, access control options and power management and distribution solutions.

Varistar CP Networking Cabinet

  • Pre-engineered cabling rack
  • Can be positioned stand-alone or side-by-side
  • Integrated accessories support structured cabling in three axes
  • Can be easily positioned next to the server racks and integrated into a containment system
  • Static load capacity of 1,600 kg/3,500 lbs
  • Quick assembly divided side panels

Wall-Mount Enclosures

  • Highly cost-effective
  • Protected against tampering and accidental unplugging
  • Solves space limitations
  • Multiple Cooling options
  • Ideal for communications cabling, network gear, and related equipment

Power Distribution Units

  • Horizontal and vertical assembly possible
  • Two connector cables (halved in direction of length), 3 m (with open end), 2 x 3 phase, 400 VAC (red, black, white area)
  • Socket strips can be rotated in all directions (in 90° increments) during installation
  • Mounting height 1 U
  • Socket strips with IEC 60320-C13 sockets and SCHUKO sockets

Cable Management

  • Designed for simple wiring
  • Secured large cable bundles 
  • Guiding individual cables
  • Reduced troubleshooting efforts and time


  • Axial fans incl. cabling, GND/earthing, and connection cable
  • Completely wired

Access Control

  • LED display for operating status and alarms
  • Can be used with proximity cards (HID and Mifare)
  • Stand-alone or networked operation
  • Master/slave handle configuration can be set individually
  • Vandalism alarm
  • Integrates into existing management systems and administration software

Design Tools & Services

Test Reports

We test our products under extreme environmental influences, such as high-temperature differences or vibrations.

RackPower Configurator

Online request form with pre-selected configurations.

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