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Backhaul Network

From Cell Site To The Mobile Core

nVent connect and protect communications equipment by providing the widest range of innovative standard products and customized solutions through continual innovation in mechanical stability, heat dissipation, and radiofrequency shielding functionality, as demonstrated by a constant flow of patents and new product designs. nVent SCHROFF products are designed to guarantee the quality of service (QOS) for the fiber interconnecting the core network, or backbone network, and the small subnetworks at the edge of the network.

Protection, reliability and flexibility for multi-technology installations

nVent's engineering experience delivers innovative solutions that fulfill and often excel in emerging technology requirements. A commitment to service and flexibility facilitates solutions that accommodate customized requirements on an accelerated timetable. With our broad range of global fabrication capabilities and capacity, we can provide platforms of consistent quality that you can rely on, delivered on-time, and on-budget.

  • A backhaul network is planned according to a number of factors including the required transfer rate, known as bandwidth, and the time it takes for data to go from one point to another, known as latency. Interference, reliability, scalability and speed are traffic needs that have a great impact on end users.
  • Have you ever wondered how information travels on the internet or how data traffic flows from one point to another? Have you thought about what exactly is needed in between these points to allow them to interface with each other? The public internet, or any other data network, performs a very basic (though not so simple) task: transferring data from one end  for example your phone to the other webpage and back. 
  • This task is performed by several network segments: Access – Core – backhaul. Backhaul, therefore, is the connection between an access node and the core network.

outdoor electronics cabinets

Unibody: simple and cost-optimized

  • Mid-featured outdoor cabinet
  • Aluminum
  • Double-wall: cost-optimized inner enclosure, removable outer cladding for installation requirements
  • Wall, pole or floor mounted
  • Locking systems

outdoor electronics cabinets

Modular: highly flexible

  • High-end outdoor cabinet
  • Aluminum profile frame
  • Removable double-wall cladding for easy access from all sides
  • Flexible in design and dimensions
  • High thermal management requirements
  • Locking systems

outdoor electronics cabinets

Comline: the single wall cabinet

  • The budget-priced outdoor cabinet
  • Aluminum, single-wall
  • Thermal solutions available
  • Wall, pole or floor mounted
  • Locking systems


Networking Cabinets, Networking Racks

Networking Cabinets and Racks

wall mount electronics cabinet , Wall-Mount Enclosures

Wall-Mount Enclosures

19" Subracks and 19" Chassis

19" Subracks and 19" Chassis

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