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Aerospace and Defense Overview

Proven Rugged Electronics Packaging - For the Past 50 Years

Systems are becoming smaller and more powerful, thereby driving the need for enhanced thermal dissipation.  nVent SCHROFF offers solutions to satisfy these SWaP (size, weight and power) trends for critical systems such as ATR’s, data recorders, mission computing systems, surveillance or payload management systems.

You can count on nVent SCHROFF for complete mechanical, electronic, and thermal solutions supported by a team of experienced engineers and test laboratories. We understand now more than ever the importance of component failure being a non-option.

From EMC and Seismic Cabinets to rugged subracks, capable of withstanding up to 60kg or 25G of shock, to SWaP friendly solutions to retain and cool printed circuit boards - we have you covered.

Solutions for a Wide Range of Applications

Explore the interactive hotspots below to see application-specific products, resources, and more.

Quality you can count on

We can provide the certification and procured part tracing you may need for government programs. Learn more about the quality certifications that we maintain to connect and protect your equipment when this mission is critical.


Our San Diego facility is the center of excellence for board retention and cooling. We're well known for our Calmark and Birtcher products that are all made in this facility, but also manufacture milled enclosures and conduction cooled assemblies, here as well. We are constantly innovating to keep up with increasing SWaP requirements and are committed to making sure we meet those requirements while maintaining the highest quality standards possible. The San Diego team is committed to driving the innovations and quality standards Schroff is known in board retention and cooling including:

  • ITAR compliant and AS9100 certified facility
  • Lot traceability from milling to final assembly
  • Inspection at every step: IM and CMM, Final Inspection, FAI 
  • DFARS compliant
  • Flow Downs for Chem/Phys Certifications
  • Constantly innovating to keep up with increasing SWaP requirements with high-performance designs
  • Made in America with Advanced Quality Systems meeting aerospace standards


Conduction Cooled Assemblies, CCA

Conduction Cooled Assemblies

VPX Systems

MIL Cabinets

Which Card-Lok is best suited for my application?

Electronics protection tailored for your application

Humble or harsh environment, nVent SCHROFF solutions safeguard vital electronics.  From PCB retention and cooling, to rugged subracks and seismic cabinet, to full VPX embedded chassis, you can rely on nVent SCHROFF to keep your systems up and running.

High Performance Products:

  • Components for PCB retention, extraction and cooling
  • VME64x, cPCI, VPX backplanes
  • Conduction cooled assemblies
  • Rugged milled enclosures
  • 19" front panels, MIL COTS rugged subracks and cabinets

And the technical expertise to put them together to create solutions and overcome challenges.

From Components to Full Solutions - And Everything in Between

Our engineering team members are experts in innovative ways to get more heat out of your boards. We offer: 

  • Comprehensive consultation from the very beginning.
  • Ability to work with existing board, frame, or chassis designs
  • CAD templates and 3D printed prototypes available
  • Thermal design, simulation and analysis services
  • Over 60 years of experience as an industry leader in board retention and cooling

Take a peek at our Conduction Cooled Assembly video to learn more about what the journey from start to finish looks like for our customers. 


AS9100 Certification

Aerospace & Defense Brochure

San Diego Capabilities

Warwick Capabilities

Thermal Performance Whitepaper

Card-Lok Performance Data

On Demand Webinar

Solving the Thermal Challenges within Embedded systems

nVent SCHROFF"s Katie Hausman joins our partners at Recab in a discussion about common thermal challenges in embedded systems and how to avoid them. A must-see!


On Demand Webinar

Getting More Heat Out of Your Board in Rugged Environments

nVent SCHROFF's very own Sebastien Buzit and Katie Hausman take a deep dive into how improved thermal testing methods have enabled higher performance VITA conduction-cooled modules and Card-Loks.


On Demand Webinar

Driving the Heat out of Embedded Military Systems: Reducing Thermals

In this webinar, we're joined by other industry experts from LCR and ACT to discuss thermal requirements and best practices. 


Supporting the Best in the Business

nVent SCHROFF supports the leading government agencies and systems integrators for successful deployment of MIL-SPEC systems and COTS electronics in harsh environments.

Customer Logos

Tier 1 MIL/AERO Customer

I wanted to drop you a quick note of super appreciation to your company, but specifically for the world class support from your customer service team. It had been our misstep in requesting this PO late and we had a customer in a line down position.

Your team was super responsive, clear and direct with all communications. We were provided all the details, including a strong milestone, as well as regular emails and updates which provided strong improvement each time.

Again, my sincere appreciation and gratitude to have a partner like Schroff who can step up in tough times, and even more happy to have a contacts within your customer service team who provide such great added value which they make seem effortless.

– Director, Sales & Global Business Development

Tier 1 MIL/AERO Customer

Wow, you all just made our day!!!  Appreciate the team jumping on this one so quickly.

Mistakes will happen – it takes a great team to make them right!

– Sr. Specialist, Procurement

Tier 1 MIL/AERO Customer

In my experience, it has been rare to have someone who is both knowledgeable and extremely courteous in supplier Quality Compliance groups. I am very favorably impressed with my interactions with nVent SCHROFF.

– Principal Quality Engineer

News and Events

nVent Expands nVent SCHROFF Calmark VITA Extractor Offerings for Aerospace and Defense Customers

Learn more about our new Calmark VITA Extractors

Event: Military Embedded Systems - Hosted E-Cast

Driving the Heat Out of Embedded Military Systems: Reducing Thermals.

News: Configure Electronic Cabinets Easily Online

nVent SCHROFF is launching additional 3D configurators for Varistar electronic, network, and seismic cabinets.

News: Expanded Range of Schroff brand Calmark™ High Clamp Force, Small Profile Card Loks

The patent-pending High Clamp “HC” force design provides an average of three times the clamping force of similarly sized Card Loks to address SWaP challenges.

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