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19" Cases

Protecting 19" Electronics for more than 60 years

nVent SCHROFF 19" cases provides a robust and flexible enclosure platform, with excellent integrated or retrofitable EMC protection and advanced cooling options. In addition we also offer a free download of certificates, test reports and CAD data for standard products.

Our standards based, modular design can be configured to create off-the-shelf solutions for CompactPCI, CompactPCI Serial, VME, VPX, PXI Express or proprietary systems, all available in portable, desktop or rack-mount designs. Finally, complete the solution with our broad range of accessories including case handles, feet, rack ears, grounding kits and much more. 

With our experienced team of mechanical and electronic engineers, special technical or individual design requirements can be realized.  We look forward to helping you connect and protect your electronic systems. 

A range of products for a variety of applications

Desktop Cases

Desktop Cases, server rack case, desktop enclosure

Choose between our modular desktop or portable case platforms for 19” compatible or individual electronic components, with different options for EMC shielded and non-shielded solutions:

  • RatiopacPRO Style: The versatile stylish desktop case featuring a protective frame design, rubber strips with countless configuration options.
  • RatiopacPRO/ -Air: Our most flexible platform with variable dimensions in height, width and depth, optional with advanced air cooling solution
  • PropacPRO: A robust case with front Alu die-cast frame with high shielding effectiveness
  • CompacPRO: A robust design alternative to PropacPRO with front and rear Alu die-cast frame for non-shielded applications
  • Comptec: Desgined to enclose 19” subracks, with optional fan trays and front panels


Rack Mount Cases

Rack Mount Case, rackmount server case, rackmount enclosure

Choose between our modular rack mount case platforms for the integration in 19” cabinets, which are compatible for 19” or individual electronic components:

  • RatiopacPRO/ -Air: Flexible in size with advanced cooling and EMC-shielding options for 19” compatible or individual electronic components
  • Inpac: Robust case with high mechanical stability for unshielded applications with heavy individual electronic assemblies


rackmount components

Adapt your case easily to any requirement with our extensive accessory portfolio of: 

  • Handles and Feet
  • Air Cooling Solutions
  • Mounting Plates
  • Front and Rear Panels
  • Card Guides and many more

Which case is best for my application?

desktop case, rack mount case, server rack case

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