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On-Board and Rolling Stock

For operation in mobile environments, electronic systems require a physical construction capable of withstanding extreme conditions in harsh environments. nVent SCHROFF cabinets, cases and subracks are therefore designed to protect the electronics they house with high levels of mechanical stability and resistance to shock and vibration, according to EN 50155, EN 61373, EN 45545, CENELEC and AREMA.

Product Portfolio

Robust rack solutions with compact packaging. The relentless push to better signaling, modern LTE-R and 5G-M communications and enhanced passenger experience is applicable for new build as well as legacy rolling stock assets. nVent SCHROFF supports with dedicated on-board enclosures for electronics protection.

            <div>EuropacPRO | 19'' Subrack</div>

EuropacPRO | 19'' Subrack

            <div>EuropacPRO | 19'' Subrack (SNCF)</div>

EuropacPRO | 19'' Subrack (SNCF)

nVent SCHROFF Railway Welded On-Board Subrack

On Board Rack (Integrated)

Railway On-Board-Rack Frame

On Board Rack (Frame)

CompactPCI Serial, 4 U, with/without rear I/O, with 19" power supply

High-Speed CompactPCI System

            <div>COMe Type 6 System</div>

COMe Type 6 System

            <div>IP-Pro Alu EMC | IP65 Case</div>

IP-Pro Alu EMC | IP65 Case

            <div>Varistar | Rugged Cabinets</div>

Varistar | Rugged Cabinets


Upgrading, adding new electronics & Maximizing limited space in on-board railway applications.

The rail industry is well established and, as a result, there is legacy infrastructure in place along with a need to upgrade existing rolling stock with new technology to enable predictive maintenance, safety initiatives, and next generation 4G-LTE and 5G communications to enhance customer experience and enable better signaling capabilities.

Modernizing aging equipment for rolling stock presents unique challenges such as

  • Installing more electronics in onboard locations where space is at a premium
  • Maximizing space while creating passenger and operator friendly interiors
  • Adding new electronic systems also introduces a higher complexity electromagnetically

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Equipped for Mobile Environments

nVent SCHROFF on-board enclosures are are flexible in dimension and enable design engineers to make the best use of the available space. Outside of the standard solutions, custom solutions are available to better meet application requirements with fast development time, thanks to the variety of modular platform concepts.

Modular 19" subracks used to house control electronics in cabinets or in underfloor areas.

On-board computer system, housed in CONCEPTLINE case (IP 66) with europacPRO subracks and individual front panels.

Varistar Heavy-Duty cabinets with shock absorbers for special rail vehicles, e.g. for track measurements. The selection and dimensioning of shock absorbers is performed by our specialist partner company SOCITEC.

ROBUST: Proven mechanics for mobile applications

SECURE: Shock and vibration resistant to DL6 of IEC 61587-1, IEC 60068-2-6 and IEC 60068-2-28, EN50155

EFFICIENT: Individual cooling concepts for demanding applications

PROTECTED: Lacquer finish (conformal coating) to protect electronic components from corrosion, fungal attacks, etc.

COMPLETE: Mechanical, electrical, electronic and thermal developments to project based requirements

SUITABLE: Available in heights of 3, 6 or 9 U for 1, 2, or 3 SNCF subracks (NF F 61-005 and NF F 60-002), each supported by a set of slide rails.

Design Tools & Services

            <div>Subrack Configurator</div>

Subrack Configurator

            <div>Front Panel Configurator</div>

Front Panel Configurator

3D Configurators

Varistar Electronics Cabinet Configurator

Case Studies & Reference Projects

Case Study

Space-Saving Cabinets

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Businesspeople On Train Using Digital Devices

Case Study

On-Board Rack underneath a Seat

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Regional express train at Tours station - France

Case Study

SNCF certified Subrack

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detail of a cockpit train in a station

Case Study

Subrack for Train Control

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High speed train by the railway station

Case Study

On-Board CPU Subrack

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Helpful Resources


Railway Signaling & Onboard Systems

From automated traffic control systems to on-board passenger WiFi services, rail networks are implementing powerful new systems to achieve greater safety, reliability, and improve the experience of riders and operators.


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On Board Rack

The nVent SCHROFF On Board Rack is the ideal solution to install 19" (84 TE) and 36 TE electronics on trains. It's used where a lightweight solution for a secure, durable and reliable mounting is required, e.g. underneath a seat.

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Varistar Indoor Electronics Cabinet



Modernizing Rolling Stock.


IP-Pro Alu EMC Enclosure



COMe Type 6 System.


Also available in:

German | French

Also available in:

German | French

Also available in:



Modern high-speed train arrives to the station at evening time.

Railway Solutions


            <div>Outdoor Trackside</div>

Outdoor Trackside


            <div>Trackside Shelter</div>

Trackside Shelter


Modern plant control room and computer monitors

Technical Room


            <div>Railway Tunnel</div>

Railway Tunnel


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