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PXI Express System as standard test system

The system is used as a standard system for high voltage signal test and is being deployed in a variety of end applications including automotive, communications, scientific, military/aerospace and consumer electronics.


The technical requirements were largely specified by the customer and had to be implemented accordingly. The intention was to give the end-user the highest degree of flexibility when configuring his test system with PXI and PXI Express instruments. The system was only allowed to be 2 U high and had to contain 12 slots. It should support PXI Express Gen 3, but also be backward compatible with the legacy PXI standard.



In order to have as many free slots as possible for measurement boards, a slimline PXI Express System Controller is used in this system. Developed in-house, the dimensions are 3 U and 4 HP and has a COM Type 6 module integrated. To ensure backward compatibility, most slots are hybrid slots. The chassis is delivered completely integrated with the chassis management, passive backplane, and mechanics. Since the individual components are part of our portfolio, the system could be produced without significant development effort. 





Test & Measurement


Standard Test System


PXI Express

Product scope / Client

VX Instruments GmbH

Date/Time frame

2019 / 2020

Contract scope

Validation completed



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