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Custom Varistar Rack Solution For Vehicle Test & Measurement

We worked with an American vehicle and clean energy product manufacturer to create a variety of rack options with a customized accessory package for ease of ordering.



The customer in this case study is an American vehicle and clean energy product manufacturer based in California. This customer came to nVent SCHROFF needing traditional protection for rack-mounted and non-rack mount devices for their battery charging, discharging, and thermal performance measurements.


This customer needed to be able to have capabilities to protect both rack-mounted and non-rack mounted devices as well as combinations of both. They wanted the flexibility to decide on a cabinet by cabinet basis as to what custom options they needed for their testing equipment.


The nVent SCHROFF sales and design engineer teams partnered to evaluate on a cabinet by cabinet basis and came up with a base unit that could be customized as needed depending on what the customer needed. This resulted in fewer part numbers, and nVent SCHROFF creating an accessory package of identified commonalities for each cabinet to go with whatever configuration was created. nVent SCHROFF built a relationship with this customer to such a degree that they’re happy to come back for all their unique cabinet configuration needs and add-ons. This allowed nVent SCHROFF to provide the best configuration, cost, and cycle time possible to the customer.

Project Details

Location: North America

Type of System: 19" cabinet 

Technology: Varistar

Product Scope: 19' cabinet with IP55

Date/Timeframe: 2019

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