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Expanded Range of Schroff brand Calmark™ High Clamp Force, Small Profile Card-Loks

SAN DIEGO, CA - Schroff announces its newly designed Calmark™ Series 263HC, 265HC, and 276HC High Clamp Force Card-Lok retainers. The patent-pending High Clamp “HC” force design provides an average of three times the clamping force of similarly sized Card-Loks.

SWaP, or reducing size and weight while effectively handling increasing power, continues to be a challenge for defense and aerospace designers and manufacturers. And, as systems continue to be integrated into rugged environments and face ever-growing shock and vibration requirements, it is critical to have sufficient printed circuit board retention.

For board retention, engineers have faced a tradeoff between clamping force and the size of the Card-Lok; historically greater clamp force has only been available with larger profile Card-Loks. Larger Card-Loks have traditionally required more space in the enclosure, were heavier and consumed valuable board space.

The High Clamp Force retainer addresses these challenges. Its small and light-weight design Card-Loks provide industry-leading board retention that is ideal for defense, space and aerospace applications.

Conveniently, the 260HC, 263HC, 265HC, and 265HC have been designed to be a drop-in replacement for most applications currently using standard 260, 263, 265, or 267 Card-Loks. They have the same profile, height, mounting location and options, and optional features such as a visual indicator and lock patch.