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Outdoor Electronics Cabinets

A Proven Global Leader in Electronic Cabinets

nVent SCHROFF is a preferred enclosure vendor for industry leaders in railway, telecom and energy storage & management. Our ability to deliver standard, certified solutions and customized solutions with level 3 integration, sets us apart from the competition.   

Telecom and Railway applications require sophisticated electronics in outdoor setups. nVent SCHROFF Outdoor cabinets shield such electronic components from extreme weather, vandalism and thereby ensuring operational continuity. Modular construction allows multiple configurations in sizes and functionalities along with multiple cooling options. 

nVent SCHROFF telecom cabinets can be used as Dslam / Point of Presence / Zone pooling / FTTC / FTTH / MFG cabinets whereas nVent SCHROFF railway cabinets are installed as track side signalling and communication cabinets for an array of applications; ERTMS, ETCS, CBTC, predictive maintenance and passenger communication to name a few

A range of products for a variety of applications

Single Wall Outdoor Electronics Cabinets

outdoor electronics cabinet

Comline is nVent SCHROFF's preferred enclosure for passive telecommunications applications. For a single wall design, Comline offers excellent insulation and thermal management and comes in multiple configurations allowing maximum customization to meet customer needs and brand look.

  • Lightweight 
  • IP55 
  • Single / Dual access
  • Innovative thermal management 

Double Wall Outdoor Modular Cabinets

outdoor weatherproof cabinets for electronics

Specifically certified for railway track side applications.  This AL profile cabinet has easy to maintain removable, double-walled cladding, flexibility in design and dimensions, and innovative thermal management capabilities sets it apart from the competition.

  • Aluminum cabinets with steel exteriors
  • Certified for Railways & Telecom
  • Innovative thermal management
  • IP55, anti vandalism (RC2), fire proof, shock and vibration tested
  • Earthquake and hurricane resistant

Unibody Outdoor Electronics Cabinets

ventilated outdoor electronics enclosure

The AL double walled cabinet with inner case with removable outer cladding is the perfect mid-featured outdoor cabinet. It can be either wall or pole mounted with front accessibility only. Cooling through natural convection, fan or heat exchanger allow customers to choose from a long list of standard thermal management solutions.

  • Aluminum cabinets
  • Innovative thermal management
  • IP55

Digital Design Tools

Outdoor Electronics Cabinet Configurator

  • Selector type tool
  • Guides you through key decisions in the design process
  • Includes options for interior and exterior dimensions, IP protection, doors vs walls, base or panel mounting, application requirements such as noise and temperature allowance, and finally accessories  
  • Provides relevant information to our design team
  • Takes less than 5 minutes to complete



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Certified Electronics Cabinet for Outdoor Telecom and Network Applications


Certified Electronics Cabinet for Outdoor Telecom and Network Applications.

Rail Certified Outdoor Trackside Cabinet


Rail Certified Outdoor Trackside Cabinet.

Outdoor Cabinets for Rail Applications


Outdoor Cabinets for Rail Applications

Certified Vandalism Protection for Outdoor Cabinets


Certified Vandalism Protection for Outdoor Cabinets

Outdoor Cabinets for Rail Applications

Test Reports

Outdoor Cabinets for Rail Applications