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Custom Cabinet System for Specialized Client

We worked with Vortex Systems to create a custom cabinet configuration for a government customer complete with specialized brackets and flexible modifications.



Vortex Systems LLC is an Enfield, CT based company providing manual or automated Ground Support aircraft component test equipment. They came to nVent SCHROFF in search of a cabinet manufacturer that would be able to be flexible in modifications to cabinets specifically in small quantities.


nVent SCHROFF was able to help Vortex Systems’ requirements with modifications to as few as one cabinet(s). nVent SCHROFF was able to help with the design phase and be flexible when modification requests of accessories and hardware came up after the initial cabinets were delivered.


nVent SCHROFF was able to help the customer achieve a standardizing cabinet platform while maintaining the flexibility to add as many cabinets as necessary to satisfy Vortex Systems′ needs. nVent SCHROFF also created specialized brackets to help Vortex’s need to link cabinets together.

Project Details

Location: North America

Type of System: 19" cabinet configurations and accessories

Technology: Cabinets and pane accessories

Product Scope: Varistar cabinets, AC units, front panels, custom rails

Date/Timeframe: 2019


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