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Seismic Racks

Case Study - Commercial Aerospace


The customer in this case study is one of the world’s largest suppliers of aerospace and defense products, headquartered in North Carolina. They operate in the commercial & business aviation, military & defense, helicopter, space, and network communications industries. This customer came to nVent SCHROFF needing a secured cabinet for a government customer.


Given the need for a secured cabinet for a government customer with unique size, cooling, and other capabilities, nVent SCHROFF was able to offer several solutions to the challenges faced by the customer throughout the duration of the project:

  • nVent SCHROFF offered an initial array of custom solutions to fit this customer’s immediate needs.
  • Several variations of the eventual base build that have been used on similar programs after the initial configuration was accepted and deployed.
  • nVent SCHROFF even modified a cabinet during the build process to accommodate a requirement identified by the customer after ordering. 


Not only was nVent SCHROFF able to create that custom configuration within the existing Varistar cabinet, but we were able to accommodate other necessary customizations to the cabinet. The design team provided a series of solutions to the customer’s needs and stayed on top of shifting requirements while providing superior lead time and cost comparisons when held up to other suppliers that had been engaged for the same parts. This allowed nVent SCHROFF to provide the best configuration, cost, and cycle time possible to the customer.


Project Details: 

Location: North America

Industry: Commercial Avionics

Technology: Varistar Cabinet

Product Scope: 19" Cabinet with steel frame

Date/Time Frame: 2019